Complete Flexibility

Rigidities in physical spacing, watt density, resiliency level and MEP technology can cause premature obsolescence when things change. Flexibility can be the most important determinant of data center TCO, yet is perhaps the least appreciated. We work obsessively to design our solutions to flex on demand, providing you the agility to embrace change while others are forced to avoid it.

Why do we make the effort?

Because underutilization and premature abandonment are the principle enemies of data center TCO. When unforeseen change renders 20-year infrastructure useless after 5, CFOs get angry. Our goal is to provide you pre and post-occupancy flexibilities giving you the agility you need to make the most of your investment.

Flexibility remains a cornerstone of our offering and is central to insuring our customers’ long-term success. Todd Aaron

Flexible White Space

Who knows how hardware form factors will change over the decades long depreciation cycle of a data center’s plant? Do you really want to be stuck in a container or an undersized room?

Our whitespace suites are designed with generous dimensions, large plenum spaces, massive floor and hanging loads and double doors to accommodate whatever the future throws at you. They reside in mega-scale structures that we own and are expandable in multiple directions to preserve optionality for growth.

Flexible Infrastructure

How will your demand for power and cooling change over 5 or more hardware refresh cycles? Impossible to know. Given that the predominant cost of a data center is in its plant, guessing wrong can be expensive.

Our solutions eliminate the need to guess at all. Our power and cooling plants are designed at mega-scale to easily modulate capacity to given computer rooms on short notice and without disruption. Lease only the plant capacity that you need today, comforted by the availability of fixed-price options to adjust capacity in the future as needed.

Flexible Resiliency Tiering

Do all of your applications require Tier III+ resiliency? If not, why pay for overprovisioned infrastructure? Place core production applications in a Tier III+ zone and test/development functions in a Tier II zone, reclaiming wasted resources for use where they are needed most.

Flexible Support Space

We allocate generous space in each facility for DR, office, staging and storage functions and custom configure dedicated spaces for each tenant as needed. Build your on-site staffing and operating plan based on what works, not what fits.

The Devil in the Details

Flexibility is so hard to offer because it resides in the minutiae of design and must be integrated from the ground up. We build extra chilled water headers for future water-to-the-rack cooling options. We add extra bar joists to support future hanging loads.

We build deep raised floors for flexible cooling and ceiling grids that align with floor tiles to enable flexible containment solutions. We oversize cooling headers and leave space for future gear. Hundreds of details all purposefully arranged to ensure that your data center fits perfectly for years to come.

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