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In the wholesale colocation industry, providers often treat customer service as an afterthought, adhering to an “it’s your room, you figure it out” mentality. We simply have a different mindset. We believe that our experience is among our greatest assets. Our team of in-sourced engineers, technicians and project managers have over a million square feet of large enterprise data center deployment under its belt and stand ready to assist whenever you need us.

Our team adds value through:

  • Pre-occupancy coordination, including inventory of your current environment(s) and optimization of racking plans for your new space.
  • Pre-occupancy space and power planning to ensure that Sentinel’s flexible growth features are properly coordinated with your deployment plan.
  • Supplemental staffing, rack and stack and remote hands services.
  • Procurement support, customized reporting and audit support.
Today’s IT landscape is highly dynamic, and we are committed to continuing to align our model with our users’ evolving needs. Paul Hines
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