Value Through Scale

A simple proposition: better quality at a lower cost. By leveraging the economies of mega-scale deployment and a disciplined focus on the enterprise user, we can offer a superior product at a lower TCO relative to do-it-yourself or retail colocation alternatives. As a result we deliver a best-of-all worlds proposition: a better product at a lower cost.

Dedicated Solutions. Shared Economies.

  • MEP Plant: Our model allows you to leverage the benefits of amortizing best-of-breed construction and a Tier III+ resiliency topology over a mega-scale deployment.
  • Utility Infrastructure: Sentinel deploys dedicated, transmission-grade utility substations at each of its facilities.
  • Operations: We recruit, train and reward the best operating teams in the industry and still drive comparative savings to your bottom line.
  • Power Purchasing: Our facilities enable users to pool power demands to yield better collective pricing than any would have achieved individually.

Sentinel NY-1

  • 130,000 SF / 8 MW
  • Single-tenant facility in Orangeburg, NY

Sentinel TN-1

  • 40,000 sqft facility
  • Single-tenant facility in Memphis, TN
What Else We Offer

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We work to perfect our engineering, construction, commissioning and operations towards a simple end: the industry's best facilities. Let us introduce you to the power of our offering.

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