Operational Excellence

Distraction breeds mediocrity. Our 24x7 critical facilities teams serve one simple purpose: to keep you secure and on line. They have no competing demands on time as is often the case with in-house environments. And we believe that only direct employees can feel a pride of ownership and accountability for their work.

Employed by us. Focused on you.

  • 24×7 technician and security coverage by qualified and rigorously trained personnel, including licensed electricians.
  • Best practice BAS, BMS and DCIM software platforms, including a tenant-accessible web portal with real time heat mapping of critical space (via wireless sensors), power load monitoring and critical alarm annunciation.
  • Disciplined documentation of all standard operating procedures, daily monitoring protocols, contingency action plans, critical contacts, maintenance schedules, access logs, etc.
  • Full work order and routine maintenance transparency via web-enabled CMMS.

Sentinel NY-1

  • 130,000 SF / 8 MW
  • Single-tenant facility in Orangeburg, NY

Sentinel TN-1

  • 40,000 sqft facility
  • Single-tenant facility in Memphis, TN
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