March 21, 2016

Sentinel Co-Founder Todd Aaron to Speak at Fifth Annual Greater NY Data Center Summit


The National Data Center Summit Series plans to host its Fifth Annual Greater New York Data Center Summit on April 4th – 5th at Convene in Times Square, NY. The event will feature 40+ speakers who offer comprehensive market analysis of opportunities and challenges facing the western markets.

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On Tuesday, April 5th at 3:10pm, Sentinel’s co-founder, Todd Aaron, will be speaking on “Forward Thinking: The Capital Markets, The Headwinds, The Tailwinds and the Data Center Industry” which will cover the buying/selling of assets, the role monetization has played in the industry, how cloud is affecting the data center space and more.

Joining Aaron on this dynamic panels is, Miles Loo, Jr. from Cushman & Wakefield Western, Inc., Phillip Koblence, New York Internet, Raul Martynek, Digital Bridge, John Parker, Keystone NAP, J. Raymond, fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty, LLC and Michael Seton, Carter Validus.


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