May 20, 2016

Sentinel Co-Founder Todd Aaron to Speak at IMN’s 6th Annual Provider Forum


IMN’s 6th Annual Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (East) is a one and a half day conference focused on data center and cloud professionals, hosted in Washington, D.C.

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On Thursday, June 9th at 10:45am, Sentinel’s co-founder Todd Aaron will be speaking on “President/CEO Wholesale & Hybrid Player Perspective” which will cover what does ‘hybrid’ mean today and should providers specialize in colocation, private hosting or public Cloud or do all three.

Joining Aaron on this dynamic panel are Miles Loo, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield Western, Inc., Michael Seton, CEO, Carter Validus, Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Advisor, Netrality Properties, and Pete Marin, President & CEO, T5 Data Centers.


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