September 30, 2010

Sentinel Data Centers NJ-1 Facility Achieves LEED GOLD Pre-Certification


330,000 Square Foot Multi-Tenant Facility on Track for Delivery in January 2011  

New York, NY – September 30, 2010 —  Sentinel Data Centers, LLC announced today that it has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Gold level pre-certification from the US Green Building Council for its  New Jersey 1 (“NJ-1”) multi-tenant data center facility.  According to data reported by the Green Building Certification Institute, NJ-1 is the first data center or collocation facility in the Greater New York region to earn this distinction.  The 330,000 square foot NJ-1 facility is currently under construction for delivery to its initial phase of tenancy in January, 2011.

“A LEED Gold designation does not in and of itself provide tangible value to our tenants,” said Josh Rabina, Co-President at Sentinel, “however, we are proud of the achievement in that it provides further verification that we are building the most energy efficient product in the market and enabling our tenants to garner all the economic benefits of this efficiency.”  Sentinel’s Gold level pre-certification was substantially enabled by optimizing efficiency with respect to power and water consumption.  Sentinel’s latest generation design incorporates “free cooling” via a highly flexible set of water side economizers and employs chillers, motors, transformers and UPS systems with best-in-class efficiency levels.  NJ-1 also employs advanced water treatment technology that dramatically reduces condenser water consumption and an energy monitoring platform that enables each facility tenant to granularly track power consumption, cooling performance and Power Usage Effectiveness (“PUE”) metrics in real time.

Sentinel’s latest generation design employs a multitude of small improvements to existing convention rather than any radically new technologies.  “Our design philosophy is to optimize energy efficiency to the point where there is no further improvement available without turning to technologies that have reliability trade-offs or are unproven over long durations in the field,” said Paul Hines, Sentinel’s VP of Engineering and Operations. “We always keep perspective on the fact that our most critical design priority is reliability.”

Phase One of Sentinel’s NJ-1 development consists of approximately 50,000 square feet of net computer room space supported by a highly resilient and efficient critical plant.  At full phase-in, the facility will yield 160,000 square feet of net computer room space, dividable into autonomous computer room suites ranging from 2,000 to 50,000+ square feet.

Sentinel Data Centers, LLC is a New York based firm founded in 2001 to enable corporate users to access both best-in-class data center real estate and best-in-class critical infrastructure management services via a simple and transparent business model.  Since its founding, Sentinel has developed over one million square feet of data center space, delivering primary production and failover facilities to a diversity of large enterprises across industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, and biotechnology, among others.


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