July 5, 2011

Sentinel Data Centers Announces Significant Leasing Progress at Somerset, NJ Facility


Commences Development of Facility’s Phase II Three Months Following Completion of Phase I  

New York, NY – July 5, 2011– Sentinel Data Centers, a leading owner, developer and operator of multi-tenant data centers for large-footprint users, announced today that it has recently executed leases at its NJ-1 Facility with multiple new enterprise tenants, including three of the largest Fortune 500 firms.  Sentinel’s new tenants have committed to an initial aggregate footprint of approximately 50,000 usable square feet of turn-key data center space.  Each tenant has a contractual ability to further expand footprint and/or power capacity on an “on demand” basis.  Sentinel’s leasing announcement comes just three months after the company completed construction and commissioning of the approximately 140,000 gross square foot Phase I of its NJ-1 facility in March, 2011.

Sentinel further announced that it would immediately commence development of Phase II of its NJ-1 facility to ensure continued availability for pipeline demand.  Phase II will consist of  approximately 100,000 gross square feet and will yield approximately 55,000 usable square feet of turn-key data center space.  NJ-1 will ultimately be comprised of three phases totaling 330,000 gross square feet, 160,000 usable square feet of turn-key data center space and 25 megawatts of critical power capacity.

“We have worked really hard to optimize our model for the quality-sensitive large enterprise and are gratified that end-users are validating the engineering and operations focused nature of our approach,” said Josh Rabina, Sentinel’s Co-President.  “We are continuing to attract the most discerning data center users across multiple industries and will work persistently to exceed their highest expectations.”

“Our ‘on demand’ commercial model enables our users to avoid oversizing upfront commitments and our best-in-class energy efficiency provides substantial pass-through savings,” added Co-President Todd Aaron.  “We are thrilled that our value proposition is resonating and that thought leading companies are selecting Sentinel to entrust with their most critical IT assets.”


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